Mission and Vision

Jonathan is a non−profit organisation born in 2009 in Piazzola sul Brenta, Province of Padua, Italy.

Our goal is to promote the society well-being through the people’s self−empowerment and self−development with an important role of active citizenship and intercultural dialogue. The African proverb “it takes a whole village to raise a child” perfectly represents the mission we believe in.
In our vision, any individual and any group can consciously contribute to the community development and growth, in a sustainable and human rights oriented way.

Thanks to the variety and interdependency of our human and professional resources, our activities range touches different areas: education, training, social development, cultural promotion, environmental protection, human rights, inclusion, gender studies and equal opportunities.

In the educational and training sectors, our direct beneficiaries are particularly children and young people, to whom we address our projects so that they can live their lives as protagonists.

In the areas of planning, gender policies, social inclusion and cultural promotion we also turn to public, private and social enterprises to jointly build partnerships able to better meet community’s needs and interests.

Jonathan has built over time a reliable and solid social network. We work alongside families, schools, universities, local health authorities, social services, associations and local governments, providing our expertise and passion, promoting children and community welfare, trying to get closer to the territory and its actors.